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This site aims to serve the progressive and activist student community of the University of Chicago, by creating new conduits for student groups to share resources and information. Check out our:

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2009 Student Activist Conference

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A conversation with Bill Ayers
about education as activism

And a panel featuring representatives from:
Sex Workers Outreach Project Chicago
People’s Law Office
Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition
South Chicago Art Center
February 28th, 2009
Ida Noyes Hall, Library/Lounge
1212 E 59th

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The 2009 Student Activist Conference will bring together activists who pursue social change through a variety of vocations including education, art, religion, sex-work, and law.  Although this will help us think about different opportunities open to people interested in social change, this will not be the main focus of the conference.  Rather, we hope to consider the wide range of allies we as student activists have available to us.  The conference will expand our understanding of activists to include, not only people engaged in traditional organizing and campaigns, but also people who have found new tools for creating social change through their jobs.  Student activists will take away a broader perspective on the tools available to them in their campaigns and the alliances they might pursue.